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Women Shawls

A shawl is simple clothing, worn loosely over upper body, shoulders and arms, besides it also covers the head. It is a rectangular or triangular cloth piece and elevates a woman’s attire. Women’s shawl embellishes salwar kameez or a saree, skirts and trouser suits. Apart from being decorative, it is also a utilitarian part of an attire giving warmth.

Fabrics and styles
Shawls are available as incredibly beautiful and sophisticated designs and come in various fabrics such as silk, crochet, pashmina, wool, cashmere, cotton, chiffon, velvet, georgette, satin, nylon and rayon.

The splendid styles include vintage, knitted, handmade, hand woven, hand printed, machine printed and embroidered.

Style of wearing shawls
Wearing women’s shawls is in several styles and they go hand-in-hand with all types of dresses.

Formal Wear – shawls are wrapped over stunning evening dresses and this gives a glamorous image. In fact, embellished or silk shawls make ideal accompaniments to formal dresses.

It can also be put over your shoulders or draped over the shoulders keeping the ends hanging free.

Less Formal Wear – shawls are not only for formal events, but are also a nighttime ensemble that can accentuate your dress.

Such shawls look mysterious and dramatic, while evening shawls are great for galas and operas and can be worn for private parties and upscale restaurants dinners. However, buy it from good department stores or shop online at right seasons.

Day vs. evening shawls
Women’s Shawls are not restricted to any age. The pashmina shawls accessorize all types of outfit, ordinary and extraordinary. Yet, wrapping during a cozy day gives a look out of place.

The evening shawls include embellishments such as small gems and beads, metallic materials, beaded fringe, embroidery and rich fabrics such as silk and velvet.

The evening shawls come in styles such as lacy, satiny, brocaded, thin and gauzy. They also come in various fabrics and colors and look great with accessories.

They make great outfits and can be comfortably worn with different styles of dresses.

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