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Wearing party dress to a party or some social gathering is a great experience. This is thrilling as the possibilities are endless. However, considering the key fashion tips is essential.

Body type- know your body type and shape to save oodles of stress and time. Regardless of whether, you are pear or hourglass shaped, you can find teen party dresses flattering your body type. But, if you happen to be clueless completely, take the assistance of a salesperson.

Knowledge of numbers- knowing specific numbers such as your bust size, hip size and waist size helps in online shopping. So grab your measuring tape and go ahead.

Hold the tape in your index and thumb finger and run across your bust to know the size in inches as 24 or 36 inches. This will help in selecting the correct teen party dresses fitting the bodice perfectly.

Hips and waist size also needs to be measured. Measure your hip size and identical to your breast measurement, hold across your waist and pull it to your stomach to get the waist size.

Caution- A quick caution is that on getting 24-22-28 or 36-34-36, it is best to look carefully at the size chart.

This will give you a clear idea of whether you need to do the shopping in the tall section or in the petites, besides ascertains a perfect fit of your teen party dresses.

Be aware of your color choice- regardless of the dress style; decide the colors you consider right for you. You may not look ravishing, but you need not end looking ghastly.

In case, you find you are confused with the shades, note your overall coloring.

The thumb rule is matching your outfit color to your hair color. Similarly go for brand items, even if it is expensive as they snug closely to your body figure and gives an elegant look. Buy shoes matching your dress and do the right makeup to gain full confidence.


(Tips to Choose Best Dresses for You)
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